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Salt N Pepper Trailer Malayalam Film Asif Ali Lal Mythili Shwetha Baburaj AsifAliVideos

They are a great addition for any collector, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have! Will sell separately for 140.00 each. Vintage ceramic pig chef salt / pepper shakers (2) very pristine this item can be shipped to united states, to canada, to united kingdom, dk, ro, sk, bg, cz, fi, hu, lv, lt, mt, ee, to australia, gr, pt, cy, si, to japan, to china, se, kr, id, to taiwan, za, th, to belgium, to france, to hong kong, to ireland, to netherlands, pl, to spain, to italy, to germany, to austria, ru, il, to mexico, to new zealand, sg, to switzerland, no, sa, ua, ae, qa, kw, bh, hr, my, tr, br, cl, co, cr, pa, tt, gt, hn, jm.